Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Video Games & Cub Scouts

Stockton and I have been working on his Webelos scout requirements lately for time with dad. The other day I heard that they came out with a new belt loop and academic pin for video games. I asked Stockton if he'd like to try and pass those off today, and he was more than happy to!

For those interested, the requirements for these are described here. For the belt loop, he basically needed to explain video game age ratings, check his games to see what ratings they had, make a schedule for when he could play games and when he needed to do chores, homework, etc, and play a new game approved by his parents.

After passing off the first couple requirements, we took the family to Blockbuster and let Stockton pick out a game. He then enjoyed passing off the last requirement by playing Wario Land Shake It on the Wii.

We'll probably go for the academic pin for video games next week. Nice to see him excited about scouts! Too bad not all the achievements are this appealing to him!

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